Million Dollar Quartet UK Tour

Million Dollar Quartet UK Tour

Million Dollar Quartet

Liverpool Empire

Peter Grant

Now this is what I call a Super Group: Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins.

They were the all American architects of rock and roll and without them we’d certainly have no Beatles or Rolling Stones.

Their respective places in the music hall of fame is secured.

Did you know on one night in December 1956 this pre-fab four met in the world famous Sun Studios ran by the hit-maker, DJ and hustler Sam Phiilips? I was pleasantly suprised by this fact.

The rest is history. While the four unique talents jammed together along with a few songs from Elvis’ then girlfriend, Dyanne, Mr  Sam was drawing up contracts for his proteges – alas, they all had decided to move to bright lights and big city – bar a cheeky Jerry Lee Lewis.

Million Dollar Quartet is a West End and Broadway smash that tells the story of that once-in-a-lifetime night. And oh, what a night it!

This brilliantly paced show, directed by Ian Talbot features fantastic musicians: the four leads and those playing the session men.

It all takes place in the Sun Studios and apart from one poignant back-projection there is little in the visual department.

The show doesn’t need any special effects.  It’s the performances, classic songs and witty dialogue that all contribute to making this an evening that every music lover will remember.

Jason Donovan is exceptional as the narrator of sorts –  Mr Sam Phillips.

And the eight-strong cast hit every note as we  are taken through a back catalogue of hits including: from Johnny Cash (Robbie Durham) on Walk the Line;  Carl Perkins (Matthew Wycliffe) on Matchbox: Elvis (Ross William Wild) on Hound Dog and Jerry Ashley Carruthers) on Great Balls of Fire.

Each performer giving 100 per cent. they look as if they are having fun and this shows throughout every number

An ensemble version of Brown-Eyed Handsome Man is a highlight.

And Katie Ray as Dyanne shines on a soul-full Fever.

Full marks to Ben Cullingworth on drums and James Swinnerton on bass.

By the end of this tremendous two-hour 15 minute show you understand just how much these four working class icons became inspirational legendary figures.

A dancing ovation said it all.  

This really is an electrifying look back in time like gate-crashing an unforgettable party

A celebration of a date in musical history that echoes to this very day.


Fabulous Fifties Feast

(5 / 5)

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