Evita Publicity Shot for Literally Productions

Evita Publicity Shot for Literally Productions

Review: Evita

Liverpool Empire

by Peter Grant

This is a tale of an actress from the back streets of Argentina who became one of the most powerful people in world politics.

What next?

A reality tv star who becomes leader of the free world? Trump the musical can’t be that far away.

Evita is one of the country’s longest-running musicals. Written by the dynamic duo of Andrew LLoyd Webber and Tim Rice – it is timeless.

This current UK and European touring version, directed by Bill Kenwright and Bob Tompson, is epic.

it is operatic in structure, theatrical in the best popular sense and visually stunning for all ages with singing and choreograohy that never falters. This is one of the best versions I have seen in my time reviewing this show – a piece of West End and Broadway in Liverpool.

From the opening scene of a cinema screening interupted by news of the death of much- loved and loatahed Eva Peron we are talken on a journey through her life from poverty to scheming affairs and eventual marriage to Juan Peron and fame.

Ill health robbed her of even more promise as First Lady of Agentina.

In the the title role is Emma Hatton who is pitch perfect . She never puts a foot or note wrong throughout the two-hour 20 minute performance.

Emma, star of Wicked, has style and glamour, sexiniess and strength in abundance. She dominates the stage with ease from the outset. She is both feisty and poignant as engmatic Eva.

When she stands alone sparkling in her white gown singing Don’t Cry for Me Argentina it was like a scene from a film – the audiene hanging on every word.

Bill Deamer’s choreography is a joy from the dancing society ladies, early night club scenes to military formations. Set design by Mathew Wright is glorious and brings gaiety and solemnity in equal measure.

Kevin Stephen-Jones as President Juan Peron and Gian Marco as narrator Che Guevera are both superb in keeping the story telling beautufully paced.

Gian, who has appeared in Tarzan, deserved the standing ovation as did the rest of this first-class cast.

High Flying Adored, Another Suitcase in Another Hall and Oh What A Circus are classic songs and happily you can hear and savour every single word. Bill Kenrwight sure knows how to pick a striking theatrical team.

Crowd scenes are also cleverly devised and the attention to detail throughout is astonishing.

If you haven’t seen Evita before then you cannot go wrong in seeing this vibrant, electric piece of entertainment.

This is history not re-written, but coming magically alive in a truly compelling way.

(5 / 5)


You can catch it until Saturday 28th January, 2017

Box Office: 08448713017

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